Virtual Quizzo Hosted by a Professional Quizmaster (17-100 connected devices)

Regular price $279.00

NOTE: The $279 price is a DEPOSIT. Actual cost is $5 per connection. See below. 

Do you have a large group that wants to play virtual Quizzo, but aren't certain of exactly how many participants you'll have until the day of the event? No problem! Take advantage of our "pay per player" pricing structure. Here's how it works:

Reserve the date and time that you would like to hold your virtual Quizzo event at the price of $279.00. Once the event is booked you can start sending invites to those who you'd like to participate. You will only be charged for the ones that actually show up and play. 

After your event we will adjust your price at a rate of $5 per player (minimum charge of $80) and send you a refund for the difference. To help you control costs, the $279 price is the maximum amount you will be charged. Just keep in mind the maximum number of connected devices we can accommodate is 100. 

To book your virtual event simply select your preferred date and time and checkout. You will receive a calendar invite for your selected time within one business day.