Quizzo Carry-Out Quiz: Homeschool 2

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Homework?!!? Awww, man! But, it's ......... whatever day it is!  It'll be fun, though, because it's Quizzo's new Homeschool 2 carry-out quiz. Great for parents/teachers and kids/students looking to enhance homeschooling or to increase brainsmartness. Actually, let's hear from the real certified teacher who wrote this game:

"Designed with school-aged children in mind, this Homeschool 2 quiz is ideal for ages 8-13, but can be modified for any child (just give extra hints or research topics with your child beforehand). Topics covered include: Language Arts, Science, Geography, Weather, Historical Figures. Need a refresher on a topic or want to delve deeper into the subject matter of one of the questions? We’ve got you covered; also included are website links to explore the the concepts addressed in this homeschool quiz. Each question has website suggestions in the answer key so that you can use the quiz as a jumping off point for further study. Links are kid-friendly, informational, and may inspire your child’s quest for knowledge beyond the quiz. Of course, we suggest you peruse the sites first, or even better, check them out with your young Quizzo player-in-training and spend time researching and learning together."

About the author of this quiz: 

Jessica Yum graduated from Wayne State University's College of Education with top honors. She spent years working in daycare and preschool before landing a career in public education, where she taught lower elementary school students. Her passion for connecting with children through creative teaching methodology eventually led to her taking a teaching position at a well-respected Montessori Academy. 

Today she is a mother of three boys and has been road-schooling them for the last six years while traveling North America as full-time RVers

Difficulty: Intermediate
For: Kids (8-13), Adult (moderator), Safe for Work

Each "carry-out" quiz pack comes as a digital download and includes six categories (five questions each), two bonus rounds, printable answer sheets, and an instruction guide that will help you get the most out of your quiz. Use your quiz pack to host your own virtual game, challenge your friends and co-workers, play with the kids as a fun and educational homeschooling option, or just sit on the couch and get quizzical! This is TRULY the answer to your social distancing blues!

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